Tae Devon's creative journey began in his early teens, starting with a small drawing in a notebook and gradually exploring new forms of self-expression. His passion for photography and video-making grew as he documented everyday moments, culminating in the creation of YUNGBABYBOI - a title inspired by the mix of his experiences. Through his artistic pursuits, Tae learned the therapeutic value of creation and how it can serve as a sanctuary for the soul. As his work gained wider recognition and became a shared experience with his audience, he remains grateful for the support that has helped shape him into the person he is today.



YBB, also known as YUNGBABYBOI, is a brand that embodies the spirit of vulnerability and self-expression through various creative mediums. Through innovative concepts and ideas, the brand strives to delve deeper into meaningful stories. YBB is not simply a streetwear brand, but rather a global community that brings individuals together as a family. Welcome to the world of YBB.